adsense application rejected

2 Dozen Reasons Your Adsense Application Keeps Getting Rejected

Wondering why Google keeps rejecting your application for the Adsense program? It’s no secret that Adsense is one of the best (if not “the” best) contextual advertising network in the whole web. They have the highest paying ads, the biggest inventory of advertisers and the best quality ads. This is such a great thing. And … Read more →

big data - rapper

How Sees the World From God’s Eye View

Can we really trust Seeing the world from God’s eye view may sound scary or an overstatement but that’s exactly what this young, radical journalism company just demonstrated they can do. The PH+SocialGood summit was held yesterday (21 Sept, 2013) at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati and was made possible by the … Read more →

dirty little trick viral

Dirty Little Trick To Make Your Posts Go Viral

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your post is or how useful it has been to your readers. It’s just too much to ask for a little “Like” from them. Because most people are either lazy or they just don’t care, but no one should blame them. I myself, am sometimes both. If there’s not … Read more →

Driving Traffic to your Online Business through Article Marketing

Driving Traffic to your Online Business through Article Marketing

Generating traffic to your website is one of the most important part of running an online business. After all the hard work, time and money put into developing a website, comes the issue of driving traffic. Without traffic, a website is useless (unless it is solely for private use, which is very unlikely). Without traffic … Read more →

styling paragraphs

Styling Paragraphs for Optimum User Experience – A Web Design Essential

Most expert user experience designers have observed that people typically do not read web pages word by word like they do with books and periodicals. Instead, they skim or scan the online pages until they find a word or a phrase which most matches what they are specifically in search of, or their search is … Read more →

viral marketing

6 Viral Marketing Steps To Make Your Content Contagious

Viral Marketing is very very powerful for any business if it’s done right. But it isn’t always easy for just any business or anyone to create something that not only catches people’s attention but also compels them to pass it forward and spread to their network of friends. That’s why there’s only very few content … Read more →