Make Your Web Site Faster with Google’s PageSpeed Service

It is very important for webmasters to keep watch on their site’s speed because this is one of the things major search engines like Google consider when ranking websites in search results pages. They give this factor a great weight in order to keep users happy. They rank fast websites higher so that when users … Read more →

custom typography

Custom Fonts in Web Design – How They Affect the Whole Experience of your Website Users

Typography plays a very significant role in many printed or projected words, and now in the internet age, it has become a very important element on websites as well. For one, using custom fonts (whether they are TrueType or Open Type) helps website readers to easily identify what is highlighted or emphasized text from the … Read more →

styling paragraphs

Styling Paragraphs for Optimum User Experience – A Web Design Essential

Most expert user experience designers have observed that people typically do not read web pages word by word like they do with books and periodicals. Instead, they skim or scan the online pages until they find a word or a phrase which most matches what they are specifically in search of, or their search is … Read more →

structured data

How to Properly Markup Your Video Posts for Google To Display the Right Rich Snippets of Your Pages in Search Results

In my previous post, I shared about how to use a plugin to easily generate what we call “structured data” that is properly marked up in our posts and/or pages. These structured data are what helps Google display appropriate rich snippets for our pages in search results. And if you’re still not familiar with the … Read more →

How To Assign Rates To Shipping Classes in Woocommerce Plugin

How To Assign Rates To Shipping Classes in Woocommerce Plugin

One of my clients had me set up his e-commerce site and recently, we ran into a simple issue with woocommerce. It’s a very basic question but I couldn’t readily find an answer to it anywhere – not even on the woocommerce documentation. And as I researched about it, I’ve seen other people posting the … Read more →