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Globe Wimax Selective Browsing Problem – How I Solved Mine

Selective browsing has been an issue with Globe’s internet connection service for a long time now. Globe Telecom is the second largest ISP company in the Philippines and they’ve been in the business for a very long time already but I just can’t understand how until now, they still can’t fix this problem.

I’ve been using Smart’s MyBro Wimax service also and I don’t experience the same issue. So I can fairly say that between the two providers, it’s only with Globe that this annoying problem occurs. And I’m not alone, I have found lots of other people also complaining about the same problem when I tried to look for answers online. I have found a few suggestions that seem viable but when I tried them, they didn’t work for me.

If you are not familiar with the term, it is when your internet service provider can’t resolve the address or the URL that you want to go to in your browser, it is when suddenly your browser cannot load the page you wanted to view. This doesn’t mean the website (or webpage) you’re trying to view is down or not available.

globe selective browsing connectivity problem example
If you are using Globe as your ISP and when browsing the internet, you suddenly get something like this, it most probably is one of those frequent times when Globe is screwing you up.

And if you are using your internet connection as a vital part of your business operation or work, it can get very annoying at times. Calling their customer support doesn’t help. Trust me, I used to call them every time I encounter the problem and I’ve called countless times already. Most of the ones I talked to, didn’t have any idea of what they are talking about. Seems like they are just reading a script or following a stupid checklist.

I just got more frustrated but I couldn’t just drop my subscription because I’m tied up for at least 12 mos. And besides, my next best alternative isn’t that reliable either. I have another problem with them but it’s another story. In short, I didn’t have much choice. So I just kept trying stuff.

And here’s one that I’ve found by accident that works so well. I learned about it when I was looking for a way to be able to browse the internet using a different IP, particularly an IP address from the US. What I wanted to do at that time was to be able to view content on some site that is only available to users in the US. Then I found Spotflux.

What you have to do is download their application, install it on your computer and then just enable it whenever you run into this selective connectivity issue. You can download the software here. The installation steps are pretty straightforward and you don’t have to configure any settings after the installation. You just run it and enable it.

How I Solved My Globe Wimax Selective Browsing Problem with spotflux
After installation, you just run the software and click “Enable” if it doesn’t automatically do so.

The service is basically just a VPN (Virtual private network). What it does is you connect to the internet via their network, via their servers. So it solves the selective browsing problem from Globe by technically accessing only one site (or resource) on the internet.

Think of it this way: using your computer, you browse any webpage by first connecting to your ISP and your ISP will look for that webpage you are requesting and then gives it back to you so you can view it. If your ISP can’t locate the page, it returns an error like the screenshot above. This is what happens with Globe a lot of times, especially if you’re trying to access less popular webpages on the internet. And I’ve noticed that this happens more frequently when accessing pages on subdomains – example:

But when using Spotflux, what happens is you are routing all your browsing requests via their servers. So your request go from your ISP, to Spotflux and then to the website you want to access. So technically, from your ISP you are only accessing Spotflux, even when you are actually accessing different sites. And as I have observed, Globe doesn’t seem to have any problem connecting to Spotflux, so I don’t get those annoying “unable to connect” problems anymore.

Spotflux is just one of the many internet proxy providers online that provide their services for free. But what’s different with them is you don’t have to access the service via a browser or install just a browser plugin. The problem with those services from others is that they don’t cover all your internet connection requests, such as those coming from applications other than your browsers, software updates, etc.

If you have found another solution to this problem (if you are having this issue at all), please share it with us in the comments below. Also tell us about your experience if this little software/service has solved your problem too! 😉


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  • Sian Thomas

    Hi Nimrod,

    I have followed your very comprehensive instructions but have the following query which I am hoping you can assist with. Having created the new shipping classes, how do you allocate different countries to those classes.

    The classes I want are:
    UK Royal Mail Standard Delivery with free shipping for orders over £20 which I have implemented successfully.

    I want to charge an additional fee for special delivery which I can implement using your method above however the 2 other delivery rates I want to apply is for Southern Ireland and Europe which is one fee and for the rest of the world which is for a higher amount. I have followed your instructions above but the question I have here is how to I assign different countries to each shipping class. Is it something I can do using your method?

    Your soonest help would be much appreciated.


    • Hey Sian,

      Unfortunately at the time of this writing, what you can do with the free version of the woocommerce plugin does not include that feature you described. You can only add shipping classes and assign rates to those shipping classes. Then they will be applied to all product items which you have assigned the shipping classes to.

      You can’t create different sets of shipping classes for each particular country you are serving. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do it, you just have to buy the plugin extension which has this advanced capability that you need.

      • Sian Thomas

        Thanks for the quick reply, admittedly disappointed in WP (not you) as its another way to part self with cash and was a feature of my previous CMS but will check out the link.

        • Yeah, I know it sucks.. but let me just correct you a bit, the woocommerce plugin is actually not part of wordpress as a product. Woocommerce is just a plugin for WP created by Woothemes.

          So if we should be disappointed at someone about this, we should be disappointed at Woothemes.

      • Anson Yuhas

        I actually had this same problem. I am in the US but wanted to assign different rates to Canada and eventually Europe. While creating a new product you can only choose one shipping class. After the product is created you can do a bulk edit and apply as many shipping classes as you would like. It looks like you may be only able to create 1 international shipping option but that is better than zero.

  • pam

    Hi Nimrod,

    This is a great explanation and this is the way I had my woocommerce site set up. However, my problem is that I need different flat rates.
    For example, most of my products ship with a $14 flat rate, but some other products are bigger and more expensive to ship, so I added additional cost on top of the flat rate and apply it “per product”. My problem is that someone needs lets say 2 of these bigger products, the first product will charge $24 shipping ($14 flat rate + $10 additional cost) and my second product will be $34 ($14 + $10 additional + $10 second product additional) is there any way to have some items to have the flat rate calculated as well on a product base without having to purchase the extension plugin?

    • Hey Pam,

      Check again step 4 above. When creating your shipping class, for the “Costs added…” option, select “Per Order” so that your customers will be charged only once for shipping even if they order multiple items (provided the items have the same shipping class).

      But if the multiple items have different shipping classes, my solution above will not be applicable for achieving what you want. You’ll have to work out a different shipping arrangement for your items.

  • one more question on this matter if we are trying to set up rates based on zip codes in US and weights/measurements can it be done with the UPS plugin. it seems they do not support multiple zip codes for drop shipments. Our suppliers are located throughout the country so distance is a factor. What do I need to set this up?

    • I haven’t tried the UPS plugin yet. In my post above, I’m only referring to the basic version of Woocommerce, without any additional plugin.

      If you bought the UPS plugin, I’m sure they provide the documentation for using it. Please refer to it for proper usage.

      Further, from what I understand of the UPS plugin, it retrieves data straight from UPS themselves. So I think it’s safe to assume that if UPS provides different rates based on zip codes in the US, you should be able to do that with their plugin.

  • Bob Cullison

    I would like filter the UPS plugin by shipping class, some things have flat rate, 1/2 ounce and some go UPS 3 1/2 pounds. How ? Bob

    • Hey Bob,

      You should consult the documentation that came with your UPS plugin. My post above only talks about the proper use of the shipping classes feature that comes with the basic version of Woocommerce.

  • Hi Nimrod, correct me if I’m wrong but you’re saying that I can set different shipping prices for an amount of products, let’s say:
    for 1 item i charge $5
    for 5 items I charge $3

    • That’s not exactly what I’m saying above but I’m sure you can also do that with the basic version of Woocommerce.. just not through the use of shipping classes.

      Shipping classes are like classifications for your products, think something like huge products and tiny products. (for example: bulldozers and needles)

      You create these classifications (shipping classes), then you assign them rates. Then in each of your product listing, you indicate its classification – whether it is a huge product or a tiny product.

      So using shipping classes won’t really be helpful in your case.

      • Hey thanks for your fast reply.
        I see what you’re trying to explain, it’s helpfull but not what i’m lookign for.
        I think I’ll need to use those woo commerce plugins to solve my problem.

        Thanks for your help tho !

    • Hi Pako did you get an answer to this issue yet ?

  • Boost Yourmin

    Hi Nimrod, Thanks so much for your article! I was just wondering if you knew of any way to show the customer how the shipping has been calculated?

    • I’m sure you can indicate it somewhere on your site how you calculate shipping charges. But when the actual amounts are displayed on checkout, only the breakdown can be automatically shown..

      just not sure if there are plugins that can show exactly how the computation is done on a per-transaction basis. Haven’t used one before, usually the breakdown is enough info for most people.

  • Heather

    This has been a life-saver!!! Thanks so much :)

  • Patricia

    Hi Nimrod, thanks so much for posting this. I am relatively new to woo commerce and could not figure this out but one question on google led me to your excellent answer. Much appreciated. Patricia, Ireland

    • You’re welcome Patricia. Thanks for the kind words. :)

  • Chris Humphrey

    Thank you!!!

  • AMK Custom Cycling

    Hi, Did you figure this out for International Shipping too? It works great for flat rate shipping but International Shipping always uses the ‘Cost’ entered on the International Delivery page and doesn’t add the extra amounts from the classes – or at least I can’t find a way to do it.


    • I haven’t actually tried doing exactly that, yet. But just thinking about it, I imagine the stuff I described in the above post wouldn’t really be applicable to international shipping.

      Because then, it’s more complicated. You’ll have to set different rates for different shipping classes and for shipping to different countries. For functions like these, I think the “overpriced” extensions will justify its cost already.

      Try looking into other extensions also, like the DHL, Fedex or USPS. I’m sure you’ll find what you want to do in one of those extensions.

      • AMK Custom Cycling

        Thanks. I really just want to have the same flatrate for International Shipping as for domestic but to add extra amounts for diffrent classes, exactly as you explained for flat rate shipping. I will have to explore the plug-ins.

        • Hi AMK Did you ever get this International Shipping classes sorted for your site? I have the same problem.

          • mhk1058

            Yes, I used a plugin called Table Rate Shipping for Woocommerce, you’ll
            find it on Themeforest, cost $21 but well worth it as you can set
            whatever shipping rate you want for any country or group of countries.

            Hope it helps

  • Ilaria

    Thank you so much for this, Nimrod! You saved me the 250£ my developer asked me to implement this easy-but-hidden trick through an additional plugin, not to mention all the hassle and waiting time. What a satisfaction, thank you again for sharing :)

    • hi Ilaria, I’m glad to know you’ve found my article useful. even after more than a year already since I posted this. :)

  • Nimrod,
    I am currently building an e-commerce site for myself using woocommerce and a wootique theme. And like everyone else I find that the woocommerce plugin is a over priced rip off.
    My product vendor will ship free for orders over $100.00 and any order under that amount they will charge $15.00 .
    Is there a way to set up the woocommerce system so that if the person orders a item less than $100.00 the $15.00 shipping fee would be added to the price and if they go over the $100.00 price it would revert to free shipping? example below
    wireless microphone system $395.00 would get free shipping
    hand held microphone $65.00 would have $15.00 shipping charge added unless they ordered more than 1 microphone or added another product which would put them over the base $100.00 order to qualify for free shipping
    I am racking my brain trying to get this set up as it is imperative to my sites function. any and all help would be greatly appreciated as I have pulled all of my hair out of my head as seen in the picture that the lawn mower has nothing left to mow HELP !!!!!!!!

    • Hey Bart.. yeah it looks like you’re really having trouble. 😀

      But if I understood you right, I think your problem can be solved simply by going to
      Woocommerce Settings -> Shipping -> Free Shipping

      and then enabling the free shipping feature and setting a required minimum order amount:

      • Ok then how would I assign the 15 fee if it is under that amount ???? Oh and yes that really is my melon lol had it done last year

        • Well, one way to do that is to follow what I described in the post above. Set a shipping class, assign your items shipping classes and assign prices to your shipping classes.

          • So I would set up a free shipping class ? then a class called lets say class a ? for the 15 ? please keep in mind I am very new to this and this is my 1st venture into e-commerce and this is an opportunity for me to stay home and work instead of being on a concert tour bus pushing buttons on a lighting console and watching lights wiggle and change colors lol

          • Oh.. I see. :) Congrats on taking the leap man! I have kind of a similar story myself.

            Anyway, no, you don’t have to create a shipping class that charges nothing for shipping.

            What you have to do is to create your shipping class(es) and assign them the rates you need AND at the same time also enable the free shipping I described above.

            The free shipping has a condition and it will only apply when that condition is met. In your case, the condition would be the amount of the order.

          • Dude you have saved me a huge amount of time I honestly wish I had found you sooner. I tried to send you a message on your contact form but it came up with an error saying to try again later just a FYI.
            Would like to do a quick follow up using that method rather than post in a public forum. Will try the method you described and try the contact form later

          • Thanks for the heads up! Something may have messed up my contact form. You can just email me directly if you like:

          • Sending an email now

      • Denise van der Linden-morris

        I actually like to offer free shipping only when a total amount per shipping class is met, but don’t see how to do that. I can set rates for each shipping class but free shipping will be calculated on total order amount rather than certain order amount per shipping class.

  • Hi great tutorial Nimrod. I am also new to woocommerce. Maybe you can help me with mine :( .. Im doing a local delivery which the flat rate is 6.00 to SM, 9.00 to SS for 1 item purchased. For the 2nd and so on item purchased within SM shall be 2.00 additional & 3.00 for SS. I’ve spent more than 2 days to figure this out but i can only manage to show the flat rate for SM & SS. Thanks a mill!!~ hope to hear from you soon..

  • Carlo

    Hi there! I’d like to know if there is a plugin that can detect the country of the customer and change the price based on his/her current location. The scenario is that 2 distributors from different countries have different prices.

  • Eddie C Byrne

    Hello Nimrod, So glad i found this page as i have no more hair to pull out

    Let me explain my site was setup for us and we wanted an eCommerce to
    sell my Glass products. Im left in the lurch about somethings on the
    site which im working around at the moment. But the one problem im
    having trouble with is Shipping

    I sell small items say for instance Christmas decorations and when a
    customer orders one and they add more of the same item to the cart the
    shipping is calculating each item. So say my Snowflake is €5 to buy and
    then €1.50 to ship any item added after this is adding €1.50 to each
    items therefore if someone wants 4 snowflakes the shipping is
    calculating €18 which is way over charging a customer.

    Could you please advise me on how i set it up so that each item will not add the same amount of shipping

    my page is

  • Erik Bertrand

    I’d like to implement free shipping on a per-product basis only. I tried your approach but it seems to apply the free shipping to the whole order, even though I selected the “per class” method in the Flat Rate settings. We have certain items where shipping is either free, or is included in the price of the product, so we want to not include those products in the shipping calculations for the order. I can’t quite believe this is not included in WooCommerce. If you have any ideas, I would welcome them. I’ve reached out to WooThemes about this as well. In any case, thank you for taking the time to write the post; it’s great!

  • inisheer

    Awesome – this was a life saver for me! You saved me a bunch of money. Thanks

  • Gretchen Morris

    Great article and helped me find the shipping class option. I have the ups plug in but this plug in seems to override the class shipping option even when assigned on the product..any ideas?

  • Heather

    Thank you – just the answer I was looking for, and well explained.

  • Patti

    This looks different now on WooCommerce. Do you have an update? I am trying to assign 2 flat rates, one for ground one for overnight but i can’t seem to figure it out. The WooCommerce Shipping page looks different then in your description.

  • Pinckney


    Thanks for this post… looks like it’s helped a lot of people without just pushing paid services!
    I have an issue as my clients ran an old version of woocommerce and when I updated to the latest version the flat rate and international flat rates they have been using weren’t working… the formula used next to each class value looked something like this :
    13.95 + ( 2 * [qty] )

    I have the values needed for these rates but the formula is not exactly right. My client wants the same shipping cost to be added for each additional item in the cart.
    Can you please help??

  • Matt Geo

    Hi Nimrod

    Do you know how i can introduce this shipping class cost options in other shipping options. Eg i am using woocommerce distance rate shipping and the settings for that do not have the class cost option.