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Globe Wimax Selective Browsing Problem – How I Solved Mine

Selective browsing has been an issue with Globe’s internet connection service for a long time now. Globe Telecom is the second largest ISP company in the Philippines and they’ve been in the business for a very long time already but I just can’t understand how until now, they still can’t fix this problem.

I’ve been using Smart’s MyBro Wimax service also and I don’t experience the same issue. So I can fairly say that between the two providers, it’s only with Globe that this annoying problem occurs. And I’m not alone, I have found lots of other people also complaining about the same problem when I tried to look for answers online. I have found a few suggestions that seem viable but when I tried them, they didn’t work for me.

If you are not familiar with the term, it is when your internet service provider can’t resolve the address or the URL that you want to go to in your browser, it is when suddenly your browser cannot load the page you wanted to view. This doesn’t mean the website (or webpage) you’re trying to view is down or not available.

globe selective browsing connectivity problem example
If you are using Globe as your ISP and when browsing the internet, you suddenly get something like this, it most probably is one of those frequent times when Globe is screwing you up.

And if you are using your internet connection as a vital part of your business operation or work, it can get very annoying at times. Calling their customer support doesn’t help. Trust me, I used to call them every time I encounter the problem and I’ve called countless times already. Most of the ones I talked to, didn’t have any idea of what they are talking about. Seems like they are just reading a script or following a stupid checklist.

I just got more frustrated but I couldn’t just drop my subscription because I’m tied up for at least 12 mos. And besides, my next best alternative isn’t that reliable either. I have another problem with them but it’s another story. In short, I didn’t have much choice. So I just kept trying stuff.

And here’s one that I’ve found by accident that works so well. I learned about it when I was looking for a way to be able to browse the internet using a different IP, particularly an IP address from the US. What I wanted to do at that time was to be able to view content on some site that is only available to users in the US. Then I found Spotflux.

What you have to do is download their application, install it on your computer and then just enable it whenever you run into this selective connectivity issue. You can download the software here. The installation steps are pretty straightforward and you don’t have to configure any settings after the installation. You just run it and enable it.

How I Solved My Globe Wimax Selective Browsing Problem with spotflux
After installation, you just run the software and click “Enable” if it doesn’t automatically do so.

The service is basically just a VPN (Virtual private network). What it does is you connect to the internet via their network, via their servers. So it solves the selective browsing problem from Globe by technically accessing only one site (or resource) on the internet.

Think of it this way: using your computer, you browse any webpage by first connecting to your ISP and your ISP will look for that webpage you are requesting and then gives it back to you so you can view it. If your ISP can’t locate the page, it returns an error like the screenshot above. This is what happens with Globe a lot of times, especially if you’re trying to access less popular webpages on the internet. And I’ve noticed that this happens more frequently when accessing pages on subdomains – example:

But when using Spotflux, what happens is you are routing all your browsing requests via their servers. So your request go from your ISP, to Spotflux and then to the website you want to access. So technically, from your ISP you are only accessing Spotflux, even when you are actually accessing different sites. And as I have observed, Globe doesn’t seem to have any problem connecting to Spotflux, so I don’t get those annoying “unable to connect” problems anymore.

Spotflux is just one of the many internet proxy providers online that provide their services for free. But what’s different with them is you don’t have to access the service via a browser or install just a browser plugin. The problem with those services from others is that they don’t cover all your internet connection requests, such as those coming from applications other than your browsers, software updates, etc.

If you have found another solution to this problem (if you are having this issue at all), please share it with us in the comments below. Also tell us about your experience if this little software/service has solved your problem too! 😉