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Viral Email List Building Strategy

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels for any business, and especially for an online business. This is true today despite all the noise of people who are not successful at this. I’m an internet marketer myself and I can tell from my own experience that until now, my email marketing campaigns are still my top revenue producers.

The important thing to always remember when it comes to email marketing is building a very high quality list for every niche or product you are promoting. When building a list, make sure people are pre-qualified for interest in your product or niche, they have to opt in to your marketing list in their own free will themselves. This increases the likelihood, right from the beginning, of them turning into paying customers.

It’s waste of resources – both time and money – if you just compile a list of emails from people who are just slightly interested or worse, from random people you found on the internet. That would be spamming, and that’s both illegal and not ethical. People will hate you for that and that’s usually bad for business.

But the problem is it’s not that easy to build a huge list of people who are all interested in what you have to offer. One of the great barriers to this is the trust issue. If it’s the first time people read or heard about you or whatever it is you are promoting, it’s normal for them to not take you seriously.

However, when they start seeing or hearing about you and your offers on other sources, they will start to warm up to you. The most powerful of these “other sources” is the word of mouth from their own friends and family. And since we are already in the digital age, word of mouth on the internet constitutes shared content on social networks. This can easily spread like wildfire with the combination of the right content, great offer and smart usage of tools. The following is an example of this strategy.

1. Fan-Gated Offer on a Facebook Page

Start your email list building flow with a Facebook page instead of driving traffic directly to your opt-in page. Put up the introduction to your offer on a tab on an FB page and require people to “Like” your page first before they get access to your offer. This works very well if you have something great to offer for free.

Let’s say you’re building a list for a book that you are writing and you want your target market to be aware of it even before you are actually done with it. Building an email list early on will ensure you that you will have a ready audience for your book once it’s available. You could offer a free preview to your book, the first chapter perhaps.

You can easily setup a “fan gate” to your offer using the Static iFrame Tab app by Woobox. I’ve been using the free version of this app and its features are more than enough for this purpose. Installing it into your FB page is a matter of a few clicks only. Make your prospects “Like” your FB page as the first step in getting your freebie.

This way, you are leveraging the viral features of Facebook to spread the word about your offer. When users click the Like button on your page, it generates a newsfeed story on their profile which also appears on their friends’ newsfeeds. So in this step here alone, every person who Likes your page is essentially telling all his friends about your page also.

Here’s a good example of a Facebook page using the Static iFrame Tab app to put a fan gate to their offer: Downlodabols Newsletter Signup

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2. Redirect To Opt-in (Signup) Page After Liking FB Page

Set the Static iFrame Tab app to redirect users to your own opt-in page after they have clicked the Like button on your FB page. All you have to do is tick a checkbox in the app and enter the URL of your opt-in page.

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In step 1, you have already filtered out uninterested people. In this step, take your prospect-screening another level by asking them to opt into your email list in order to get your freebie. This is where they have to submit their name and email address.

There will still be a lot of people who will not go through this step and leave your signup page instead. Don’t worry, they are just not that interested and you should be thanking them for not wasting your efforts and resources. That means they are very unlikely to buy anything from you, so you’re better off without them in your list. The ones who proceed on the other hand, are highly qualified for what you have to offer them.

3. Offer More Free Stuff on the Backend for Referrals or for Doing Small Tasks

Leverage further the interest of those whom you have successfully signed up to your marketing list by offering more free items or discounts in exchange for referrals or for small tasks they can do for you. You can ask them little favors like sharing your free offer to their social media accounts. Your subscribers will now also be your helpers in spreading the word about your offer!

The only challenging part here is coming up with attractive freebies. If you put a series of irresistible offers in front of them in exchange for something they are already doing for free for others anyway, you are maximizing your marketing efforts in ways you could never have done yourself.

4. Automate Everything

The concept of this whole strategy might be very simple but it can be a technical nightmare if you are going to set up everything yourself. It can also be very costly if you are going to hire programmers to develop a custom system especially for you. Well, it’s not a problem if you already have a deep pocket. But if you are just starting out, there’s another solution to that.

And please don’t consider doing things manually. This marketing plan will either not go viral as expected or you’re going to kill yourself giving your backend freebies manually to your subscribers every time they have a referral or when they post your offer to their profiles. And we’re not even talking about the tracking and verification of referral signups yet.

Good thing there’s actually a software that does all these things already. I’m talking about the ListEruption wordpress plugin. Using this plugin, you can easily create an opt-in page with your first freebie offer on the front-end and set up a series of up to 6 additional free items to be automatically unlocked after subscribers do the tasks you’d like them to do.

To see an example of this software in action, you can visit this page. If you go to that page, you will see at the front end the primary offer, which is just to get access to the system being offered.

But if you will proceed by entering your name and email address, on the next page you’re not only given the link to signup to the system but you will also be automatically given a referral URL which you can send to anyone you’d like to refer to the offer.

viral email list building step 4


And if you click on the “Reward Bonuses” tab, you’ll see the list of additional freebies that can be unlocked after you earn enough points required for each. You can earn these points by sharing the offer to your social networks and/or by referring people to the offer. If your referrals are interested and they opt into the list, you earn points. And when you have enough points, these additional bonuses automatically unlock for you to download.

viral email list building bonuses


Now this has been another long post and I don’t wanna risk boring you further by adding another thousand words. So, to wrap it up, think about it for a second. How would this strategy grow your business?

If you’d like to get a trial copy of the List Eruption software for free, click the like button below to show the download link:

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The List Eruption plugin is a vital part in my viral email list building strategy. I have written a detailed guide on how I implement it and you can download it for free when you subscribe. I’ve included a copy of the List Eruption plugin in there also!

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