Quality Content is Bad for SEO

I’ve been following these really cool guys on Source Wave and I’ve watched several videos of Alex Becker already. I’ve always been impressed with how they present their SEO strategies with tangible proofs and how they back them up with data.

While all the other pretentious gurus out there are selling crap and BS to unsuspecting newbies, these guys (Cass and Becker) are giving it all to us without asking for anything – they didn’t even require me to opt in to their mailing list. Yet I’ve learned more useful SEO strategies and advice from them than most of the countless products that I’ve bought before.

Anyway, in this video, Alex Becker shows how he does his crazy simple keyword research, grabs a domain fresh out of Namecheap, slap together an ugly site with no useful content whatsoever and then ranks the site into page 1 of google within days. This is to prove how every noisy “SEO expert” out there is so wrong about what they are spreading around on the topic of SEO.

What Becker does in this video is the real thing about SEO. He produced results in spite of violating every SEO rule known to man and preached by Matt Cutts. He also brought up some really good points during his short rant about the SEO space. That’s why I was able to come up with the notion that quality content is actually bad for SEO.

Well, not really that bad actually and maybe not in the sense that you are thinking. I think it’s bad during the preliminary stages of ranking your site because it can actually consume lots of your time, especially if you’re just a beginner. I know because I’m guilty of this myself. Trying to create quality content is where the most part of my time and the biggest expenses are spent on!

This is definitely a video worth watching.. and the advice – definitely worth implementing, or at very least, trying. I hope you’ll find it useful yourself. If you don’t, or if you think it’s just full of BS, please tell us how so in the comments below.