Create Amazing Animated Videos Fast & Stupid Easy

Animated videos are hot today! They are very effective for marketing purposes because they are fun, colorful and catchy – they can easily grab your target market’s attention. But they are also expensive to produce and hard if you do it yourself and takes a lot of time too. Well, not anymore with this cool new video animation tool – Go!Animate.

The video above is an example of what you can easily make on your own using this tool. It’s all online so there’s no need to download, install or configure anything on your computer. If you have internet connection, you can make amazing animated videos for marketing your business, or for any other purpose. They offer free and paid account options with of course, more features for the paid one. But for the most part of video creation, they’ve got more than enough, available for the free users.

The user interface is very straightforward and they’ve made sure every new member who signs up get a guided introduction in using their platform. You really can’t get lost unless you don’t know how to use your mouse to point and click at things on the screen.

After you’ve gone through the first time login walkthrough, when you go to your member’s account and click on  Make a Video , you get to choose whether you want to use their ready-made templates or start making your video totally from scratch.

make awesome animated videos
You have the option to use templates or start making your video totally from scratch.

They have 15 templates to choose from for the free member. If you’d like to go this way, all you need to do is pick a template and on the next page, you get a step-by-step, point-and-click, guided animated video creation process for you to follow.

animated video template example
An example of the templates available

If you’d go with making your video from scratch, you get more freedom – more options available for you to customize your video. First, you have to pick the video maker you’d like to use for your video. You can think of this as sort of like the “theme” for the video you are making.

There are 7 available full video makers to choose from for the free users and 11 for the upgraded accounts. Let’s stick with the free ones for now. Choose one of the 7 available for free users and click  Make a Video .

full video maker options
Video maker options. There’s 11 in all but only 7 available to free members.

On the next page, the full video creator interface is loaded and here, you can go wild! You can choose characters for your video, add scenes, texts, props for your characters, change backgrounds, add music and different effects and transitions – all without having to know any technical mumbo jumbo of video animation.. just point and click at things on this screen and have fun!

goanimate video creation environment
Go!Animate video creation environment

Here’s a quick, 5-minute video overview of how to use the full video maker:

Stupid simple isn’t it? Now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on producing attention-grabbing marketing videos to promote your online business! And if you’re going to need more features and options for your videos, check out the table below for the complete list of what Go!Animate has to offer.

Full video makers features

Basic (Free)

  • 7 Video Makers
  • 4 Basic Character Creators
  • 2 Minutes Max Video Length
  • < 8mb Audio Upload
  • 7 Action Packs
  • 2 Enter/Exit Motions
  • 100 Text-to-Speech Conversions/Mo
  • 63 Text-to-Speech Voices
  • 19 Languages
GoPlus ($4.83/mo)

  • 11 Video Makers
  • 6 GoPlus Character Creators
  • Unlimited Video Length
  • < 8mb Audio Upload
  • 15 Action Packs
  • Unlimited Enter/Exit Motions
  • Unlimited Text-to-Speech Conversions/Mo
  • 103 Text-to-Speech Voices
  • 22 Languages
  • < 5mb Image Upload
  • < 10mb Video Upload
  • < 8mb Swf Upload
  • Save Unlimited Scenes for Later Use
  • Mixing Assets Across Video Makers
  • Embed Links into Videos

I can’t believe you’re still reading this far into my post… Go on and try Go!Animate now! Leave me your feedback in the comments below, hope you’ll like it like I do! :)