How To Get Dreams Out Of Your Head & into Reality

A very inspiring talk by Darren Rowes, the man behind, during the 2013 World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. It’s about his story of dreams in life. How he used to dream dreams as a kid and collected them inside his head as he grew older and at some point in his life, managed to get these dreams out of his head, into the world and turned them into a reality.

It’s kind of a long video but like the ones that I’ve shared here on the site, there are definitely things to learn and it won’t be a waste of time. In this one, I was particularly inspired by Darren’s story about pursuing his dreams. When he came to a point where he realized that his life was going to another direction from the dreams he had, he made changes..but life isn’t always easy.. sometimes it even seems it is always not easy. But if we just stop coming up with excuses and start doing the things that will actually lead us closer to the life that we really want, we will eventually get there.

Dreams are what drive people to achieve great things. It is only when people stop dreaming that they are robbing themselves the chance to be great and live the life they want, a life with purpose and fulfillment. It is dreams that made the world a better place all the great stuff that we enjoy right now are dreams of the generations before us that were turned into reality because they worked hard for it.

Affordable cars for the masses was Henry Ford’s dream, the Apple and iPhone were some of Steve Jobs’ dreams, open source software was Linus Torvald’s dream, and was once just a dream of Darren Rowes. One of my dreams is to help a million people get what they want in life. Then it will naturally follow that I’ll be able to get what I want in life. And this blog is one of the ways I’m able to get started working on that dream. I’m sure you have dreams of your own, so watch this video and get motivated to pursue those dreams!

Watching this video gave me an affirmation that I’ve made the right decision in quitting my previous job. It was leading me to some place other than my dream and I can’t just spend life working on things that I don’t really want in the first place, instead of working to get my dreams come true. Darren Rowes’ story inspired me, motivated me. So I’m sharing this with you. I hope it will have the same significant effect on you…