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Writing Cover Letters as an Online Business

A business centered on cover letter writing is a great help for many job applicants and a win-win solution for the business owners and its prospective clients. The business can hire writers who are skilled in composing a cover letter but also able to deliver other writing services. Aside from cover letters, the business can also cover resume writing or technical writing for various people. Business documents like corporate reports or marketing plans are also good options to add.

Based on Google’s search data alone, the terms [highlight]cover letter examples[/highlight] and [highlight]resume examples[/highlight] each get a whopping 165,000 hits every month. That proves there really is a market for this kind of service, ready to to avail when someone offers it. So it’s not surprising how BusinessNewsDaily decided to include it in their list of 10 Online Business Ideas for 2013 that they published on Yahoo News. (here)

Start Small But Sure

A business delving into any kind of writing can be considered a small venture. However, it has the possibility to grow and expand due to a constant and growing demand. A cover letter writing business is a good idea for anyone to start and succeed with, especially for those who are already writing pieces online – like content writers, copy writers or bloggers.


For many job seekers, the job hunt can be aptly described as a rat race. And before securing a job or a position in a company, fresh graduates – and even experienced people – have the difficulty of writing cover letters. Cover letters, aside from resumes, are important documents that help to secure a desired position. Like in any kind of formal letters, the primary concern of the sender is how much information should be included and how to communicate this message clearly to the recipient.

But it’s not something that people practice often so in most cases, they need help with it. And if someone could write it professionally for them, he would be doing them a huge favor. It would be a reasonable investment for job seekers to pay a small fee for the service.

Not Everybody is a Letter Writer

Even though cover letter writing is taught at schools and students are exposed to many cover letter examples, they tend to ignore or brush it off as something that they won’t need in the future. Plus the fact that current technology (i.e. chatting and SMS) contribute to the lowering of spelling and grammar skills in the younger generation. Aside from the spelling and grammar, a lot of students seem to be much too comfortable with casual words and tone. This particular tone is hardly appropriate for anyone who seeks a job and wished to be seen as a professional who can write a formal document.

Students might be able to construct a good letter but it is debatable if the said letter can pass the judgment of a hiring manager. In addition, even people who are very familiar with cover letter writing might still struggle on how to express their intentions properly. No amount of cover letter examples can cover all the bases in writing one. A professionally written letter by an “expert” is a whole other story and should be most welcome to those who need it.

So what do you think? If you are trying to get a job right now, would you rather avail of this service than write your cover letter on your own? Or if you are looking for an idea to turn into an online business, how would you consider this? Share your views to everyone by leaving a comment below.