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Custom Fonts in Web Design – How They Affect the Whole Experience of your Website Users

Typography plays a very significant role in many printed or projected words, and now in the internet age, it has become a very important element on websites as well.

For one, using custom fonts (whether they are TrueType or Open Type) helps website readers to easily identify what is highlighted or emphasized text from the rest of the body text. It guides the readers through the article that they are reading.

Also, using custom fonts gives a website a personality that comes across computer screens. A font style can definitely help in making one “themed look” for the website. It adds to the site’s layout and contributes to the site’s design. The website’s visitors might be unconscious of these efforts but it does give them an impression and an impact that could lead for more frequent visits and conversions.

Why people are into fonts in the first place

Fonts have been created to include a style in an alphabet set. It also allows a certain kind of creativity and atmosphere. For example, handwritten or script fonts are the de rigueur for documents about special occasions (e.g. weddings and other formal occasions). Basic typefaces are required for formal papers and documents. On the other hand, some people find that fonts reflect a certain quirkiness that a site or material needs.

What Custom Fonts are for

With the growing number of fonts, it’s easy to be carried away. However, people in general don’t really use too many fonts unless they are a graphic designer. In addition, the existing library of fonts is always growing and people who download them might use them any way they want.

To condense the points already mentioned above, fonts are useful for a variety of reasons:

  1. They evoke personality and creativity
  2. They serve as a design feature for the website
  3. They help break up the content in a single page and,
  4. They can highlight certain parts of the text with ease.

Choosing the Perfect Font Type for Your Website

Fonts always play an important part in any document. Although there are two main types of fonts – True Type and Open Type, there are hundreds of fonts available for use and more often, for free. Unlike the age before computers, it is now very convenient and easy to download or obtain any or how many fonts of one’s choosing.

Computers have changed the attitude about fonts. The revolutionary machine made it easier for people to not just download fonts but also use them in many purposes. In addition, it encouraged some people to make their own fonts and share them with fellow users. The internet also broadens the use and availability of fonts. One can just search for fonts and download for free without any hassle.

With these in mind, is choosing a font for the site’s typography a simple or a complicated task?

If you are someone who is very particular with the smallest but important details, it might not be an easy question to answer. I have spent hours myself, trying different fonts to use in the content of this site.

However, if the site already has a theme, choosing the font can be easier. Most themes usually use fonts that already go well for the whole site design and you can just leave it that way. And if you are using WordPress for your site, you can pick a good modern theme that allows you to easily choose different font styles for the different parts of your site.

You may not be thinking so much about your site’s typography right now, but it’s part of what speaks about you, what kind of site owner you are. After all, typography is not just a functional piece for the website, it also shows the personality and creativity of the person / people behind it.

So, if you are a site owner, how did you choose the typography you use on your site? And if you are a reader, what type of fonts do you prefer? What is it in the typography of an article that makes you find it easy on the eyes for reading? Please leave a comment below…